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  11. Yea, I re-played it on an xbox controller and you can definitely tell the setup was deisgned with consoles in mind and the PC controls added later, especially the menu systems.
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  16. I’m new to quilting, too, and I’ve been so inspired by your lovely quilts and writing style. I love zigzag quilts and have plans to start one soon, as soon as I finish the other two or three quilts still in the works. And one of my first quilts was using FMF, a fun disappearing nine patch design.Thanks for sharing all your lovely hard work and for the chance to win one of your creations!
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  18. Could you tell me if you can actually use the paper lollipop sticks that you can buy at the craft store (usually made for making chocolate candy) or do you need special ones that can be baked?
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